The best place to get your Sharingan Contact Lenses

Sharingan Contact Lenses

Cheap, reliable Naruto-inspired contact lenses are hard to find


Some of the coolest contacts you can get for cosplay, parties or just to show your appreciation of Japanse manga, are Sharingan contact lenses. Finding the right supplier is far from easy though. We have done the research for you and have found some of the very best (priced) Naruto contact lenses.

We didn’t just stop with the Sharingan, though: we also tracked down some cool ByakuganRinnegan and Naruto Nine Tails contact lenses.

“This page has saved me tons of time!
It has the best overview of the Naruto Great Eye Techniques and has great suggestions on contact lenses for each of them.”

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Mangekyo Sharingan

Mangekyo Sharingan (Photo credit: Sarutobi sasuke)

If you ended up here, chances are you are well aware of what Naruto is and you’re looking for the right contact lenses for your Naruto cosplay. Even though we named our site after Sharingan contacts, that’s definately not all we have!

Since there are many characters in the Naruto manga with particular eyes that require coloured contact lenses to succesfully imitate them for cosplay, roleplay or just for fun, we list them all. It’s definately not that easy to find these resources online, so we figured some people might enjoy having this practical overview at their disposal.

The concept for this site started while I was viewing cosplay discussion boards, and frequently noticed having a hard time finding Sharingan contacts for their outfits.

You can easily order other parts on sites like Amazon, but finding Naruto contact lenses, particularly at cheap prices and with worldwide delivery, proved to be far from easy. But the right contacts are among the most significant components of your cosplay outfit when you’re roleplaying characters like Kakashi, Sasuke or some other Uchiha clan member!

Note: Before getting these products it’s a good idea to go see an eye doc and ensure it’s ok for you to wear contact lenses. After all, looking cool is one thing, but you might want to protect your eyes first and foremost! You can also read through our tips and precautions.

Favorite cosplay characters

A common question is: what are the favorite Naruto characters for cosplay? Sharingan or not, what follows is a selection of some frequently portrayed Naruto characters :


Naruto’s former friend is an obvious favorite for cosplay. This one does require some Sharingan contacts to really add the coolness-factor to your outfit!


Rock Lee

According to some fans Naruto is the greatest because of his sheer will and determination, but how about Rock Lee? He does everything by the sheer power of his persistence. This guy is the epitomy of hard work and determination! He has no natural ability for ninjutsu so he’s had to work a hundred times harder than anyone else.. And his drunken style is wicked!

Rock Lee is so popular they’re gonna make a spin-off series named after him.

Hatake Kakashi

This is my personal favorite! Kakashi is without doubt one of the most popular and coolest characters ever in Naruto. With his face mask, impressive white hair and the Konoha Jonin outfit, he has a very typical style that is perfectly suited for cosplay.

Kakashi does have a Sharingan in one eye, so again, to really complete the costume getting a pair of contacts is a good idea, but since he keeps that eye covered up most of the time, you don’t HAVE to buy a contact lens. This is my personal favorite character btw.

Gaara as he appears in Naruto Part II


Chillingly composed, but incredibly strong and cool. Gaara is one of the biggest stars in the Naruto-universe if you ask me. He also has some very distinctive features that make him a prime cosplay target.


Last but not least, the main character of the series is obviously often portrayed by cosplayers. With his characteristic orange outfit, hairstyle and outstandingly charming personality, it’s also not that hard to quickly obtain a good likeness. Contact lenses are not really a necessity to imitate this guy, but you might consider some general blue contacts or even some Nine-tails contacts when he’s in demon fox mode 🙂

Generally, both ANBU-costumes and (Konoha) Jonin-jackets are very popular for cosplay.

Note: This list is obviously far from complete! You can easily find a lot more examples on Google.


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